Research and Planning Directorate

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images-stories-Research Planning-photo-201x174Research and Planning Directorate (R&P Directorate), established in 1987 as 'The Research and Planning Division', has 12 Police personnel headed by the Deputy Inspector General. The Directorate conducts research on issues of institutional development and police service delivery and proposes plans based on the findings of the research. The Directorate also coordinates projects between Nepal Police and International Development agencies.

With strong commitment on quality and service delivery and institutional development, the R & P Directorate carries out the following functions:

  • Conduct research on issues of police service delivery, human resource development, police operation,  administration and crime investigation. 
  • Assist Inspector General of Police in developing policies and programs, regular reporting on findings of research and studies.
  • Prepare mid-term (3-5 years) and short-term (1 year) strategic plans.
  • Prepare current, short term and long term comprehensive plans.
  • Work with the team of experts for critical analysis of needy issues.
  • Study, analyze and submit detail report of the programs and projects that are implemented by different units of Nepal Police.
  • Help Nepal Police to establish conducive relation with general public and other security agencies.
  • Prepare drafts of project paper, seminar paper and concept paper as per the requirement, organize seminar, discussions and program and submit outcomes to PCC for further policy development.
  • Design specific program to address traffic management, community policing, gender friendly policing etc.
  • Collect public opinions and suggestions via research, mainstream media and social medias, analyze the information, plan for corrective action and recommend to the concerned unit.
  • Maintain central database for research purpose.
  • Explore possible areas of intervention for people with focus on policing with modern technology and resources.
  • Coordinate with all international donor agencies involved directly or indirectly for strengthening Nepal Police. Research and Planning Directorate is the only authorized unit of Nepal Police to coordinate with all donor support for Nepal Police.

Research and Planning Satellite Units: The concept of establishing ‘Research and Planning Units' at departmental and regional level was proposed with the initiation of Research and Planning Directorate primarily  to build a quick network to facilitate research and planning activities of Nepal Police across the country.  At this time, 17 Research and Planning Sections have been established in departmental and regional levels. Now the Research and Planning sections exist in the Office of the IGP, Administration Department, Human Resource Development Department, Crime Investigation Department, Operation Department, National Police Academy, Police Hospital, Metropolitan Police Commissioner's Office, Central Investigation Bureau, Women and Children Service Directorate, Narcotic Drug Control Bureau (NDCB), Special Bureau and in five Regional Police Offices. The directorate is planning to expand the satellite units to zonal level in near future. These Sections carry following functions:

  • Prepare office profile and update on monthly basis.
  • Receive monthly action plans from the concerned offices, report to the office in-charge and dispatch to the R&P Directorate. 
  • Maintain organizational research database.
  • Develop and timely update job descriptions and of police personnel deployed in their concerned AoR.
  • Conduct research and studies on the relevant issues of police service delivery, police conduct and organizational mechanism and disseminate research findings.
  • Regular reporting to to the office in-charge about the findings and activities being carried out.
  • Carry any other function as directed by the R&P Directorate.

Recent  Activities:
1. Observation of 3 years strategic Plan (2070-72): The 3 years action Plan (2070-72) of Nepal Police was launched in 2070/03/30  with the approval from Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA). The Research and Planning directorate collect and analyses the progress reports regarding status of Implementation of the strategic plan by the responsible divisions within the police headquarters and also by police units. Moreover the Research And Planning directorate does monitoring observation and evaluation of the implementation status of organizational priorities and work plan by IGP that commenced from 2070-10-29 onwards.

2. Survey and Research conducted:

  1. Study on Current situation of Motor transport Division. 
  2. Survey on system of character verification certificate distribution. 
  3. Survey on Event management (Dasrath Stadium Security Arrangement)
  4. Study on Current situation of Computer Directorate.
  5. A study on Health Hazard of Traffic Police in Metropolitan Traffic Police.
  6. A Survey on situation of Women and Children Service Center of Metropolitan police circle, Kalimati.
  7. Study on Central Police Special Task force.
  8. Research on Situation of Gender in Nepal Police.
  9. Survey on Road accident mitigation.
  10. Study on Current situation of Nepal Police Hospital.
  11. Research on Career Development path and HRD of Nepal Police.
  12. Research on Motivation of Junior police officers of Nepal police.
  13. Impact assessment of Post Graduate Diploma in Police Science (PGDPS).
  14. Satisfaction survey on Police Headquarters' Canteen.
  15. Assessing present situation of central police forensic science laboratory (CPFSL) for its modernization.
  16. Nepal Police Organization and Management (O & M) Survey.
  17. Survey on Status of Police Personnel working in Nepal Police Club.
  18. Formulation of Gender Policy of Nepal Police.
  19. Research on current relation of Nepal Police and Public 2070.
  20. Research on Public thought towards Police organization 2071.
  21. Monitoring and evaluation of Police vehicles 2071.

3. Projects and Planning:
a. On-going Projects:
i. Implementation of National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325/1820: Prevention, Protection and Recovery program:

  • Conducted "Capacity Development Training on Monitoring and Evaluation": With an aim of strengthening the capacity of Nepal Police in conducting monitoring and evaluation activities, directorate had organized the 5 days training on M & E from 17th to 21st March, 2013. Inspector General of Police Kuber Singh Rana inaugurated the training. Total 21 senior police officers from 17 research and planning satellite units participated in the training. Basically, the training was aimed to build the capacity of senior officers for effective monitoring and evaluation of the on-going UNSCR 1325/1820 project. M & E experts Mr. Kedar Man Joshi and Mr. Pramesh K.C. and Gender Specialist Mrs. Aarati Chataut facilitated the training.

ii. Capacity Enhancement of NP to contribute the Peace process effectively: Research and Planning Directorate prepared a project paper on capacity enhancement of women police personnel in Nepal Police. It consisted construction of women barrack in regional training centers and provision of professional training to strengthen the capacity of Women in Nepal police. Research and Planning Directorate believes in equal opportunity to women in Nepal Police enhancing their capacity through physical facilities and trainings. The project has already been sanctioned by the ministry of Peace and reconstruction.

iii. UNDP AVRSCS project- The Armed Violence Reduction and Strengthening Community Security Project is a joint undertaking by the Ministry of Home Affairs and United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The project aims to strengthen the evidence base to contribute to measurable reduction in the risks and incidence of armed violence in Nepal. At the grassroots level.  the project is supporting inclusive and participatory community security planning process as well as conducting awareness raising on armed violence.

iv. Expansion of Fiber Optics Networking- This is an ongoing project supported by the US embassy. Up until  now 53 district police offices across the country has been linked to the network and an additional 10 more districts are planned for further expansion..

4. Other On-going Activities:

  • Formulation of Nepal Police Career Development Plan.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of NPTF funded Projects.
  • Regular co-ordination and meetings with donor agencies (DFID, US Embassy and others) to identify the areas of co-operation with Nepal Police.

5. Photo Gallery

The Research and Planning Directorate team:

  1. D.I.G.P. Kamal Singh Bam (Director)
  2. Dysp. Deep Shamser  Rana
  3. Dysp. Abhushan Timsina
  4. Insp. Navratna Poudel
  5. Insp. Dwarika Prasad Ghimire
  6. Insp. Rabindra Prasad  Bhatta
  7. S.I. Pradeep Bista
  8. S.I. Raj Bandhu Thapa
  9. P.C. Durga Raj Gautam
  10. P.C. Saroj Gaida
  11. P.C. Bhawani Prasad Bhatta
  12. P.C Nirmala Kharel

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