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Human Rights Unit was established in Nepal Police in 16 January 2003 (accordingly 02 Magh, 2059 B.S.) to ensure better protection and promotion of Human Rights. From the inception, Human Rights Unit is firmly upholding the realm of International standard of Human rights in policing and monitoring the human rights practices within the organization. This unit has been carrying out various activities to develop the capacities of police personnel for effective and efficient delivey of services to the people.  Preserving Human Rights is the integral part of policing and police personnel are held accountable to their actions. We believe that unless de-jure provisions transform into de-facto, our mission simply eludes. Keeping that in view, Human rights Unit has set up the under listed objectives.

The Objectives of the Human Rights Unit are:

•    To formulate and implement necessary policy and planning for promotion and protection of Human rights in coordination with the Ministry of Home.
•    To supervise and direct all units in the issues of human rights by monitoring the activities of the police personnel
•    To investigate, make inquiries on the alleged human rights abuses the unit receives through various  means and recommend for appropriate action aginst police personnel found guilty of human rights violations.
•    To report the activities of the unit and provide opinions and suggestions on Human rights issues to the Head of Organization.
•    To maintain human rights Database that contains information on cases of Human Rights violations
•    To coordinate and build working relation with national and international Human rights organizations.
•    To conduct training on Human rights and get across the human rights standard down in the field.

Mandate and working approach

Nepal Police Human rights Unit is mandated to deal with whole range of human rights issues of the organization. Therefore, Human Rights Unit has established oppertune working methodologies to promote and protect human rights within the organization and to get across the human rights activities of the organization to the larger sphere of the public. Human Rights Unit maintains three desks for the protection and promotion of  human rights:
1.    Protection
2.    Promotion
3.    Coordination

Protection Desk

Human Rights Unit believes that protecting human rights is  promoting human rights altogether. Threfore, this unit has given the priority to hold the human rights violators accountable for the abuses he/she has commited. To bring the human rights abusers to justice regardless to thier position and circumstances is hitting high in priority of the Unit.  So far, actions have been taken against 552 police personnel for their involvement in the violation of human rights.
All complaints received by the HR Unit are carefully checked, verified through correspondence, field visit and interview and a thorough investigation is carried out. Every single violation of human rights and the development of each of the investigation are timely reported to the Chief of Police and the instructions are seriously carried out.  

Promotion Desk

Promoting human rights among Police personnel enhance the quality of service the people are entitled to receive.  Human Rights Unit promotional activities range from training and orientation of police personnel to issuing directives and SOPs below to the boots in the ground. Human Rights Unit is currently developing a pool of intructors for the purpose of conductiong training and orientations  across the regions, subregions and districts. United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) is lending hands for this cause. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is also assisting Human Rights Unit in various training initiative this unit has undertaken.
Frequent interaction with all quater of society and symposiums , workshops inviting academia and intellegentsia of this field are the other activities HR Unit is engaged in order to promote human rights within and outside the organization. Human Rights Unit is also issuing clear directives in regard to human rights provisions and the obligation of Police personnel to investigate the compaints of any human rights excesses. Human Rights Unit apts to carry forward an effective investigation mechanism in order to make the institution vibrant.

Training Activities

Human Rights unit formulates training for each fiscal year. Training for Trainers on Human Rights and Law Enforcement for Senior Officers and Junior Officers, Training for International Humanitarian laws for both senior officers and junior officers, orientation across the region on human rights and workshops on strategies to be adopted for prevention abuses are many a  few this unit currently working on.

Coordination Desk

Human Rights Unit, besides promoting and protecting human rights also coordinates with various govermental and non-govermental human rights institutions. Building effective communication link up with line agencies , international bodies and other non-govermental agencies is helping creat a system which is, in true sense, enabling to expedite the human rights concerns to get the favourable dispositions.
Human Rights promotion desk of Prime minister's office, Human Uights Unit of Ministry of Home affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Human Rights Unit of Nepal Army and Armed Police Force, UNOHCHR, ICRC, National Human Rights Commission and other human rights agencies are the organization Human Rights Unit of Nepal Police is constantly in touch with and have good working relations built up.

Main Activities of HR Unit

•    In the fiscal year 2067/068 alone, departmental actions were taken against 20 police personnel for violating human rights during police actions and in police detentions, among them 3 were Senior officers and 17 were other ranks. Afer the establishment of HR unit, till this date departmental action were 586 police personnel on the charge of  HR Violation, among them 86 were senior officers and 485 were other ranks.
•    Nepal Police issued Pocket Book on Human Rights Standing Orders” to be followed by every individual police personnel. In collaboration with United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Nepal, 58,000 copies of pocket books were printed and distributed individually to all police personnel throughout the country. Recently, 2nd edition, 25000 HR Standing order pocket books were also distributed newly recruitment police Personnle.
•    Nepal Police has sought all possible avenues to train and build the capacity of its personnel on human rights and law enforcement. Accordingly, more than 200 Senior Police Officers (Including Dsyp and Inspector) have been imparted with Human Rights and Law Enforcement” Train the Trainer’s Course.
•    These trained human resources were utilized to further 3 days "Human Rights and Law Enforcement” basic training in 7 Zonal Police offices and in one Regional Police Training center for 225 Police personal ( Including Inspector and junior police offices) .
•    Nepal Police developed a Training Manuel on Human Rights and Law Enforcement with the objective to ensure uniformity and standard of training and the delivery.
•     For 10 senior Police officers, in collaboration with OHCHR/Nepal, concluded a training workshop from 17the March to 20 March, 2009 on the Role and Responsibility of Law Enforcement Agencies and Civil Society during Public Protest” with focus on prudent, proportionate, legal, and necessary use of force and the accountability of the officers in command and those on the receiving side.
•    Total 80 Police custody have been supervised & Checked, including Metro Police Ranges and other  police units, out of Kathmandu Valley, and HR Unit has instructed for 5000 police personnel ( including  Police Constable upto SP) on Human Rights and Law Enforcemnt .
•    HR Unit conducted  One day Orientation  on Human Rights and Law Enforcemnt  for 1000 police personnel from Police Constable to Sub Inspector those who were  working in Armed Police battalion no 1 & 2, metro  riot  control gulmas. 
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