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Research Planning and Development Directorate

Nepal Police, Research Planning and Development Directorate (RP&DD) was constituted in 2044 BS (1987 AD) as Research and Planning Section. In the inception, it was headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police and the directorate is now headed by Deputy Inspector General of Police.

The main function of the directorate includes the development of organizational policy, strategic plans and implementing plans. The directorate also conducts its own research and carries out regular monitoring and evaluation of the activities of Nepal Police. It also continuously works on the areas of improvement of Nepal Police by conducting researches on topical issues related to policy. RP&DD is also the focal unit of foreign aid programs for Nepal Police.

RPD Directorate key areas of functioning are:

  • Conduct research on issues of police service delivery, human resource development, police operation, administration and crime investigation.
  • Prepare current, short-term and long-term comprehensive plans.
  • Work with the team of experts for critical analysis on pertinent issues.
  • Study, analyze and submit detail report of the programs and projects that are implemented by different units of Nepal Police.
  • Prepare drafts of project paper, seminar paper and concept paper as per the requirement, organize seminar, discussions and program and submit outcomes to PCC for further policy development.
  • Serves as the central repository of researches conducted by Nepal Police.
  • Coordinate with all international donor agencies involved directly or indirectly for strengthening Nepal Police.

Recent Activities (2020 – 2021):

1. Implementation and Monitoring of Nepal Police Action Plan, 2077: With the implementation of Nepal Police Action Plan 2077 in Shrawan 25, 2077 BS (August 9, 2020), RPDD collects and analyzes the progress of the activities mentioned in the plan. An Implementation Progress Tracking Software developed for the purpose serves to keep the status of the project up to date.

2. Implementation and Monitoring of Annual Performance Contract: The annual performance contract between Home Secretary and IGP, the performance contracts of the Departmental Chiefs, the Provincial Chiefs, Nepal Police Hospital Chief, National Police Academy Chief and the Valley Police Office Chief with the Inspector General of Police for the on-going fiscal year were signed. The tracking of the progress is being done digitally.

3. Accomplished Survey and Research Activities

a. Organization and Management (O&M) Survey: - Based on the provision of Police Personnel Readjustment Act, 2076, Organization & Management (O&M) Survey was conducted to readjust the police personnel in Nepal Police and Provincial Police. The report is being approved by Nepal Government and is now in the process of implementation.

b. Research Study on Motivation of Head Constables and Constables: - A study on current motivation level, its causes and motivation of Police Constables and Head Constables of Nepal Police had been completed. Based on the findings of study, the short-term plan to enhance the motivational level of Head Constables and Constables is being implemented in all the police units. The plan focusses on the key aspects of the police personnel’s career development, transfers, punishment and rewards, training, performance appraisal system, educational opportunities etc.

4. On-going Foreign Projects

a. Modernization and Improvement of Policing Project (MIPP): 2015-2021

b. Construction of National Police Academy (NPA) at Panauti, Kavrepalanchowk

5. On-going and planned Research Activities

a. Research on job satisfaction and factors of job performance of Junior Police Officers of Nepal Police (On-going)

b. Assessment of current situation and organizational need of Nepal Police to deal with the Gender Based Violence (GBV) during disaster (Planned)

6. Other Planned Activities

a. The strengthening of Research Planning and Development Directorate

Contact Us:

Postal Address: Research and Planning Directorate,

Nepal Police Headquarters, Naxal, Kathmandu,

Post Box no 407, Nepal

Phone no: 00977-014-420540/4214909

Email: anbeshan@nepalpolice.gov.np