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UN Section


Nepal Police United Nations (UN) Section was established with the purpose of selecting, nominating, mentoring and deploying police personnel for various United Nations Peacekeeping Missions. It also serves as a coordinating body with UNHQ entities in New York, Permanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations and line ministries in Nepal addressing various UN peacekeeping matters.


Nepal became a member of the United Nations in 1955 and Nepal Police embarked on its journey in UN peacekeeping service as CIVPOL (Civilian Police) in March 1992 during the UNPROFOR (Former Yugoslavia) mission. Since then, it has continued its service in multiple missions including UNTEAS (Slovenia), UNIPTE/UNMIBH (Bosnia), UNMIK (Kosovo), UNTAC (Cambodia), ONUMOZ (Mozambique), UNICTY (Netherlands), UNICTR (Rwanda), UNGCI/UNAMI (Iraq), UNMISIT/UNMID (East Timor), UN Afg.Desk    (New York), MONUC/MONUSCO (Congo), UNAMA (Afghanistan), UNMIL (Liberia), UNMIH/MINUSTAH/MINUJUSTH (Haiti), UNMIS (Sudan), UNMISS (South Sudan), UNAMID (Darfur Sudan), UNOCI (Ivory Coast), UNSOM (Somalia), UN Logbase (Italy), MINUSMA (Mali), UNISFA (Abyei), UNITAMS (Sudan), UNFICYP (Cyprus), UNISMIL (Libya) and UN DPO (New York).

The deployed police personnel primarily serve as Individual Police Officers (IPOs), Professional Position holders (P3/P4/P5/D1/D2) and Formed Police Units (FPU) with distinguished blue berets. To date, 5,530 Nepal Police personnel have participated as FPU contingent, 3,054 as IPOs and 16 in professional posts. In total, 8,600 police personnel have served in peacekeeping missions. Currently, Nepal Police is actively engaged and performing exemplary service in missions such as UNITAMS (Sudan), UNMISS (South Sudan), UNSOM (Somalia), MONUSCO (Congo), UNISFA (Abyei), UNFYCYP (Cyprus), UNMIK (Kosovo), UNMSIL (Libya)and UN DPO (New York).

Nepal Police has accepted challenges and contributed to difficult missions. Its efforts have received universal appraisal. While contributing to world peace, 11 Nepal Police personnel have made the ultimate sacrifice and made eternal peace forever. On the call of duty 6 personnel have sustained disability.

Job Description:

The section is led by a Superintendent of Police (SP)and work responsibilities are divided among the following desks to ensure efficient operations:
(1) IPOs/Global/Professional Desk
(2) FPU Desk
(3) Administration Desk    

  • IPO/Global Desk: This desk plans and prepares for Pre-AMS (Assessment for Mission Service), UN AMS and manages nominations, selections, rotation and deployments for IPOs and professionals in peacekeeping missions. Additionally, it monitors and supervises the performance of personnel deployed in the missions.
  • Professional Desk: The desk coordinates with the individual police officers who are selected or short listed for competency based written test or interview and prepares necessary documents for their deployment.
  • FPU Desk: The FPU Desk is responsible for making necessary preparations for selection and pre-deployment training in accordance with UN directives and SOPs and planning the rotation of Formed Police Units (FPU)
  • Administration Desk: The Administration Desk addresses daily administrative matters including proper record management and follow-ups on internal UN-related issues.
    Explore for global vacancies and assist individual police personnel to best fit their professional skills.

    Guiding Legal Documents:
    1.    Nepal Police UN Formed Police Unit (FPU) Selection Guideline / SOP- 2077
    2.    Nepal Police standing order of Participation in United Nations Mission- 2079
    3.    UN AMS SOP- 2019
    4.    Assessment of Operational Capability of Formed Police Units for service in UN Peacekeeping Operations and Special Political Missions /SOP
    5.    Policy on Formed Police Units in UN Peacekeeping Operation -2016

          6.   PCRS UN Guidelines

The Total Participation of Nepal Police Personnel as CIVPOL/UNPOL/IPO in various UN Missions Including Currently Working