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Background of the training center

Sudurpaschim province police training center is located at Dipayal Silgadhi municipality ward no. 2 which is 1.5 km north of KI Singh Highway on the bank of Seti river at Ghadi. Its area is 210 Ropani. Kotbhairav temple, Dipayal airport, Dilpeshwor temple and Shaileshwori temple is very near from this training Center.

With the initiation of Honorable Minister Narayan Datta Batta and DIG Hem Bahadur Singh, it was established on the first of Kartik 2039 BS with purpose of transforming the police personnel from ordinary citizens into efficient and professional police and imparting various advanced trainings to the police personnel who have received basic training before.

At present, this training center is conducting police constable basic training and various advanced trainings for junior police officers and police constables for their sound professional skills in order to perform specialized duty.

By assimilating the training policy, direction and academic activities of the National Police Academy under the training policy of the Police Headquarters Training Directorate, the State Police Training Center Dipayal will be under the administrative control of the State Police Office Dipayal. The objective is to produce professional police personnel with professional skills, to provide basic and advanced and training to the police personnel recruited and selected in the police.

Under the direct control of this training center, Police training unit Budar situated at Jorayal rural municipality ward no. 2 Doti. It aims to develop Budar as police training center by upgrading the physical infrastructure of the police-training unit Budar.


The mission of this training Center is to produce efficient, capable and decent police personnel with the span of time.


Literally, focus on:

  1. Recruitment on the post of police constable,
  2. Transforming a raw person into police personnel and
  3. Imparting knowledge and skill to police personnel through training.


  1. To impart knowledge and skills through training in order to make the conduct of the police people friendly and efficient to provide services as per the expectations of the people while maintaining the values ​​and norms of the organization.
  2. To conduct trainings under the auspices of national Police Academy and Training Directorate and to supervise the training conducted under its subordinate police units.
  3. Professional knowledge, skills and abilities will be enhanced by conducting basic training for newly recruited police personnel and short term basic training for junior police officers as well as developing efficient and competent police manpower by developing police culture and values.
  4. To conduct various advanced and on the job training as per the training policy and action plan to enhance the time related professional skills according to the concept of service specialization.
  5. Leadership capacity will be imparting in trainees.
  6. Researching the effectiveness and efficiencies of training by inspecting, monitoring and evaluating performance and provide advice and suggestions as required.


Police Activity:

  1. Conduction of advance and basic training
  2. Additional assistance for internal and external peace and security .
  3. Internal Activities: - Cultural programs,
  4. Sports - Internal and external, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo and other trainings
  5. Used to provide significant contributions to the public are on Police Day / National Day.

Under public service:

  1. Social work - including sanitation, social construction, religious work, security patrolling.
  2. Rescue work - fire, flood, landslide, car accident etc.
  3. In a music band - the band facility is available for   all ordinary people with minimum charge.
  4. Police guest house - free accommodation service is provided for VIP and special category government employees.

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SSP Arjun Chand Thakuri